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Gilly's Kitchen Bench Oil 250ml

Gilly's Kitchen Bench Oil 250ml

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A tung oil based finish designed for timber bench tops, tables and other surfaces in need of a hard wearing natural finish.

Kitchen Bench Oil contains natural oils such as tung oil which helps to seal timber and protect it from general wear. Importantly, it will also repel water.  This makes it a great product for kitchen benches, laundry benches and bathroom benches that feature timber tops that may get exposed to water.

This oil contains no lacquer or silicon unlike many products on the market, which means easier maintenance for you and a beautiful natural finish.  It will highlight the nuances of your selected timber and prolong its natural look.

Use for: Kitchen benches, bathroom & laundry benches, cabinetry, butcher blocks, dining tables, window frames.

Application: Clean surface beforehand. Wipe on oil with clean lint free cloth, let sit for 5 minutes and apply more oil to areas that appear dry. After another 5 minutes rub or buff off excess with another clean lint free cloth. Apply 3 coats in the same fashion.

Maintenance: Re-apply every 6-12 months or as needed given wear and tear that will occur with everyday use.

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